We love hearing what our clients have to say!

"When I impulsively signed up for a pilates session with Jenna over 3.5 years ago, I had no idea what a life-changing experience pilates with her would be. As a former college athlete, I thought I knew my body and how to take care of it. It turns out I didn't! Through Jenna and Stott Pilates, I have connected with my body and breath. I am more aligned and aware. As a frequent Colorado adventurer: skiing, hiking, etc., I feel less prone to injury. Sure, the inevitable injury will occur, like a ladder falling on your foot and breaking it...This is when I am even more glad to have Jenna. She knows how to modify during injury, so the rest of your body doesn't fall apart, speed up recovery, and get you back better than ever. I know Pilates is the gift that keeps on giving and that I am in the best of hands with Jenna!"


"I’ve worked with Jenna for almost three years and I’m much stronger and move more functionally as a result. Her professional ballet background means she understands anatomy and movement perfectly and translates that knowledge to me and and how I move. Jenna is not only an expert at Pilates and functional movement but is a warm person — I look forward to our sessions because she makes it both fun and challenging."


"Pilates is only as good as the instructor with whom you are working. Jenna has been wonderful to work with. Due to a few medical issues, I am limited in what I can do. She understands what my body needs and comes up with creative ways to keep me in shape. Jenna is funny, kind and caring. She encourages me to push myself but always with a smile. She makes a difference."


"Jenna introduced me to Pilates. I enjoyed the Stott system, and I fell in love with Jenna. I saw her at least once a week (consistently!) over the years, and she gave me my body back. I had fallen and broken my leg years ago, and while it successfully healed, I did not have the same range of motion. And sadly, I did not trust my body anymore. Jenna helped me work through the imbalances that I had cultivated to compensate for the old injury. Jenna helped me challenge my body again without fear. Now - years later - I cannot imagine going a week without Jenna! This investment in my health has paid dividends more valuable than anything monetary. I find myself doing "Pilates" while I am plowing through housework, playing with my dogs, riding a bicycle - just doing life. And life is better with Jenna guiding you in a Pilates class, and then at the end of the day, you realize you are keeping a neutral spine and twisting from your mid-line while doing dishes."


"At 68, I started taking ballet lessons with Jenna, and my husband joined me! If Jenna can teach us ballet at our ages, she can teach anyone anything. She makes it fun, an exercise of grace, and she strengthens our bodies and our spirits. Plus, she is amazing to watch as she demonstrates techniques!"


"Jenna is the most fantastic trainer one could ask for. She is so knowledgeable and so passionate about what she does, and so caring about her clients. Her training methods are excellent as she explains everything to you in-depth and tells you the reason behind the moves and plans. I always used to work out before meeting Jenna, but my whole body and posture have changed since I've started doing Pilates with Jenna."